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2021/02/26 Game News
Game of the year, first-ever twin-sign, two-mechanism Slot in the world. REX BROTHERS’ onslaught demonstrate special skills for consecutive wins!

Brand new Slot REX BROTHERS lets you return to the prehistoric times, traversing through dangerous jungles bombarded by meteorites and venturing into the frozen world of the Ice Age.

2021/01/15 Game News
The dancing fish is handing out rewards. FISHING DISCO invites you to become the king of the dance floor by putting on fancy dance moves!

FISHING DISCO, where dance enthusiasts become dance kings. The music and rewards never stop, putting a huge smile on your face!

2021/01/08 Game News
Ignite your NINJA spirit and find your NINJA destiny!

Quick as the wind, stealthy NINJA is online! Five Elements ensure plenty of bonuses! Join the NINJAS to bring good luck and double your fortune!

2020/12/11 Game News
KONG’s awesome debut lets you multiply your rewards!

KONG is officially online! Do you want to experience the thrill of multiplying your rewards and wealth? If you are lucky enough to receive the volcano motif, you get a chance to win up to 16800X the grand prize! Play KONG to embark on an exciting jungle adventure and return with overflowing treasures!

2020/11/26 Game News
Meet DRAGON MASTER to explore the dinosaur era! New 3D Fishing “DRAGON MASTER” is officially online!

Impending danger, exciting shooting in every game! New 3D Fishing “DRAGON MASTER” invites you to feel the thrill of dragon hunting.

2020/11/20 Game News
Want to become King of the jungle? Join JUNGLE JUNGLE, collect symbols to win great prizes!

Eliminate jungle non-stop, collect symbols to win great prizes!

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