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2020/03/20 Game News
Purple bulls are raging and breaking through all barriers!

Pass on the NIUBI spirit and inherit the NIUBI soul!

2020/03/05 Game News
King of the Jungle Comes and Goes Like a Shadow. Hurry Up to Join the FUNKY KING KONG to Become Wealthy!

Rather staying home? Play the latest single-line slot game, FUNKY KING KONG, just released by JDB! Bet with your desiring combination, bet high to challenge top scores! With no doubt...

2020/02/06 Game News
Thunder Roars and All Transform into Gold! MJOLNIR is Online with Excitement!

The latest elimination game MJOLNIR presented by JDB is filled with unstoppable matching gifts, which is the greatest opportunity to obtain wealth! During the game, if you encounter a Lightning Wild feature, you are guaranteed to win. After entering the free game...

2019/12/03 Game News
Gather Fortune Gather Luck Join the TREASURE BOWL to fill up your treasury! It’s not a dream to win abundant money every day.

The latest Slot game of JDB TREASURE BOWL is now online! Its two stages of free spins game satisfy you to have double wealth...

2019/11/14 Game News
The Sixth Card Wins it All! Make your Perfect Pattern in QIANG ZHUANG LIUNIU.

Tired of not being able to make awesome card patterns? JDB has heard your voices. We proudly presents the most awesome Card game, QIANG ZHUANG LIUNIU! It is the first of its kind with the“Sixth Card!”...

2019/09/19 Game News
Classic gameplay, new experience! Upgraded JDB’s Card Game QIANG ZHUANG NIU NIU is now online.

Based on the players’ perspective, JDB Card has given QIANG ZHUANG NIU NIU an overhauled interface and optimized visual effect...

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