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2021/04/02 Game News
Join MARVELOUS IV and become a super hero! Lightning, fire, ice, nature, you will be in command of all 4 worlds!

Danger lurks at the borders and threat is everywhere. As the dark storm approaches, people are lowering their voices and praying for a miracle...

2021/03/12 Game News
Spectacular circus performance at WONDER ELEPHANT, winning huge bonuses brings happiness!

As the crowd applauds, the dangerous trapeze performance stirs up excitement! ...

2021/01/08 Game News
First ever zero cost game-MINESWEEPER is online! Red packets are up for grabs, simple and exciting!

JDB is handing out red packets! Exclusively yours, come try out your luck!

2021/01/08 Game News
Ignite your NINJA spirit and find your NINJA destiny!

Quick as the wind, stealthy NINJA is online! Five Elements ensure plenty of bonuses! ...

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