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2021/09/14 Game News
Blooming flowers bring flourishing fortune!

Blossoming wealth brings abundant prosperity, fortune, and unlimited rewards! King of flowers invite you to experience ...

2021/08/13 Game News
BOOM FIESTA is officially online, the most rewarding feast from Mexico!

Mystery brings Big Win! BOOM FIESTA offers the highest bonus of 3400X! If you are lucky enough to win a red chili, you can ...

2021/07/16 Game News
Combining classic cultural essence with Slot-BIG THREE DRAGONS is officially online!

Unable to round up enough mahjong friends? Experience BIG THREE DRAGONS now to enjoy the thrill of mahjong and ...

2021/07/09 Game News
JDB’s first battle Slot-WAR OF EMPIRES is officially online!

The Victor is the king, seizing all the treasures! JDB’s first battle Slot-WAR OF EMPIRES is officially online! Want to ...

2021/06/11 Game News
JDB original Slot - LANTERN WEALTH is now officially online! Offering you full moon lantern and wealth!

JDB original Slot - LANTERN WEALTH. As the lanterns are hung high and the crescent moon smiles...

2021/05/14 Game News
Ancient Maya culture re-emerges – “MAYA GOLD CRAZY” goes online mysteriously!

Come and join the lost empire - “MAYA GOLD CRAZY”. The riches won overnight will be beyond ordinary people’s imagination...

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