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2022/03/01 Game News
Classic card game with a new twist! Debut of JDB’s latest card game - POKER RACING!

The much anticipated classic card game is unlike any previous game mode, allowing you to experience the thrill of betting in race poker! Four patterns to choose from, each game offers...

2022/02/15 Game News
BBQ Burger offers fantastic flavors, stack the ingredients for multiple wins!

Are you hungry? JDB presents the latest gourmet series slot “BBQ Burger.” Collect and eliminate adjacent ingredients and stack them to...

2021/12/14 Game News
Powerful PROSPERITY TIGER gives great luck and a good omen!

Powerful PROSPERITY TIGER gives you great luck! Play PROSPERITY TIGER to celebrate a wonderful New Year...

2021/12/14 Game News
Winning the game and becoming wealthy is no longer just a dream; Score a goal to win great rewards!

Launch of the latest arcade game - KING OF FOOTBALL! You are invited to score a goal and dominate the field! ...

2021/11/23 Game News
Officially embark on your exclusive STAR LINE journey!

Intergalactic voyage - Global launch! Come unlock the mysteries of the universe. STAR LINE invites you to ...

2021/11/09 Game News
Brand new MONEYBAGS MAN collection -Stunning debut of the GLAMOROUS GIRL!

Extravagant visual enjoyment, lavish Slot experience, blue diamond Wild, unlimited multipliers up to 3600X! ...

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