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2023/02/21 Game News
Celebrate a fantastic Chinese New Year!

JDB’s first Chinese-style running light gambling game - CAISHEN PARTY is Official launched!

2023/02/14 Game News
Who will fight the king of two beasts!

JDB's first neon and EDM style card game - DRAGON TIGER - JOKER BONUS is now online...

2023/02/14 Game News
Get out of poverty and get rich now!

Here comes a new game in 2023,
Caishen Coming! Heavenly blessing! Double elimination...

2022/11/15 Game News
The craziest farm is here!

The extraordinary farm in an ordinary town - Heartwarming debut of “CooCoo Farm”! The craziest...

2022/09/30 Brand News
Rich, interesting, and fair [YGR] games

[YGR] is dedicated to developing open, honest, and fair competition products; as a renowned developer of slot machines and fishing games in Asia, [YGR] offers...

2022/09/22 Brand News
A rising star in Asia – [GTF] will soon debut on JDB’s AGGREGATOR PLATFORM!

The second main partner – [GTF] was founded in 2021, offering games that combine...

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