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Jive to the music, explore your passion. FISHING DISCO satisfies your desires! Taking you back to the modern era where every night is disco night! Catch the shiny Disco Ball and get a chance to receive the Dragon Disco up to 1000X rewards! Follow the dance steps of the Rock and Roll Fish King to easily receive up to 300X rewards. The Dance Music Wheel offers up to 200X rewards. Let’s go, grab the Happy Bomb with your left hand and Disco Cannon with your right hand. Dance to the music with FISHING DISCO all night!

  • Game Type
  • Release Year
  • Maximum Win
  • Game Features
    • Dance with Rock and Roll Fish King -the king of disco, receive up to 300X rewards.
    • Swinging Dragon Disco offers up to 1000X rewards.
    • With Dance Music Wheel, every night is disco night, receive up to 200X rewards.
    • Special weapon, Disco Cannon and Happy Bomb, spice up the atmosphere with plenty of fun.
  • Supported Platform
    Window Andriod Mac HTML5
  • Supported Language
    简体中文 English ไทย
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