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Our Brand

“Just Do the Best” is the motto of JDB. We set our standards high. By implementing three core values: “Surprising, Refinement, and Reliability” into the company identity, JDB has rapidly expanded ourselves business scale and fame in Asia. Furthermore, within thinking globally, we commit to design fair, safe, profitable games via the oriental perspectives for satisfying the Asian clients and players around the world.

Highlights of Our Services

Adapt to Local Conditions and Create a Win-win Situation

JDB provides game adjustment suggestions and strategic distribution assistance according to the operating region of clients, game performances, player login frequency, and player preference.

Risk Management and Profit Ensuring

JDB calculates placement distribution and potential risks to strictly control and monitor game operation situations.

24/7 Professional Team Standing By

In order to guarantee our services, JDB is capable of responding to clients’ questions instantly based on the operation reports.

Development Prediction and Business Opportunities Seizing

We develop our games based on historical records and industrial experiences to predict the possible business development for our clients to target the suitable markets successfully.

Situation Comparison & Analysis

By cross-comparing customer status, player distribution, retention rate, and tracking players’ behaviors regularly, etc., JDB assists clients to develop more suitable games on the market.

Game Recommendations

According to the market research of players, such as players’ gaming interests, playing frequency, and gaming adhesion, etc., JDB recommend appropriate types of games for our clients to increase more profits.

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